If your cats are acting out, there are two things you should try first:
1) a vet visit
2) Try Comfort Zone diffusers for either Multi-Cat or Calming, whether you have a few cats or just one

I have heard that this helps people so much. Many pet parents didn’t even realize that this was an option. Each complete kit has a refill that lasts up to 30 days, and you just plug the diffuser into an open power outlet. The refill gently warms and wicks into the air, and resembles the pheromone cats use naturally, to signal that they’re safe. Have you seen your cat rubbing their face on furniture or your pant leg? The side table, and you, ARE SAFE. They own these things. It’s perfectly okay for them to hang out here.

Our problems were a little bit bigger than Comfort Zone could handle, but I bought two kits a few years ago and plugged one in on the upstairs level and one on the downstairs level. Each device is said to cover up to 400 feet, so try it in the highly traveled areas, and definitely near where your cat tries to relax.

What I’m working with at home:
Stewart developed a spraying problem after living with us for 2-3 years and passed it onto my boy Tommy. It seems to have started because outside cats were coming onto the property. Bells and whistles: STEWART MUST WARD THE HOME FROM INVADERS! He even ended up on the kitchen counter spraying the windows and appliances. I had to toss out my favorite toaster. We did the vet, blacking out the windows, using enzymatic cleaner, scat mats, scccat cans, extra litter boxes, calming collars, Feliway/Comfort Zone, Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet, and bought devices to connect to the garden hose to set it to spray anything that came into our yard. Yes – this meant our letter carrier delivering packages. She was not at all offended by this in the Phoenix heat, where we used to live. Eventually both boys were put on Prozac even though they were both full grown males who were neutered before they turned 1 year old. After a year I took Tommy off the Prozac and he’s mostly fine now, but Stewart will still have some days where he wants to spray, but the medication makes it difficult. This problem started at least 4 years ago. I didn’t even realize it until September, but when I moved into the new house I still plugged in the Comfort Zone diffuser in the master bedroom. Anything that can less his stress, I still try.

Amalie. Amalie is a little declawed tortie that moved in with me a year or so before Stewart, but she’s always hated him. She screams at him and sometimes attacks him. I tried Comfort Zone diffusers and a calming collar with her, and it hasn’t made a difference. She still hates him. Only lately, she’s hating everyone else too. She’s in pain which is likely related to the declaw that someone else performed on her before she became my roommate. Sometimes she walks around very stiff, and when the weather changes she screams in fear when you go to pick her up. So, I’m waiting on a package to start trying to treat her pain and inflammation.

I haven’t tried the new and improved design and formula, because I have the chaos in my house sort of worked out *for now*, so when Comfort Zone sent me this Epic Starter Kit for free, I have sent it to go live with my friend. He’s moving and “his cat household” and his girlfriend’s “her cat household” grow into 1 family after the New Year. I believe it’s going to be an entirely new place for both of them, and the cats are really going to need to settle in and establish their zones. My cats, on the other hand, have all lived together for 6 years.

Every time we move I plug another one or two in around the house, trying to do my part as their momma, especially when we don’t know if there was another cat living here before we signed the lease.

If you’re not satisfied, return the product within 90 days for your money back. Proof of purchase required.
Each diffuser needs to be retired after 12 months of running.

Comfort Zone has a few products for your cats, and a calming jacket for your doggies, so if you’d like to stay up to date with their newsletter: Chill Pets Club – Check that out here