Chewy offered us the mini Can O’ Crickets to try this month at no charge, and I thought it could be good for my birds.

Zoo Med Mini Can O’ Crickets Reptile & Bird Food is the latest in reptile nutrition and convenience. Feeder insects are cooked in the can to lock in flavor and freshness. This process also softens the exoskeleton for easier digestion. These mini-size crickets are ideal for most small lizards, turtles, fish and birds as well as small animals.

Healthy snack!

Koi Monkey, Jak, and Idris

These girls didn’t seem to think so. I offered them a few times, and they checked them out, but would not eat them.

They look really good

So then there is this guy

And Tommy Gargoyle loves them

This cat is notorious for trying everything at least once, and when it comes bugs and grubs, he finds them delicious.

While this didn’t work out for my birds I still wanted you to see the crickets this can delivers. Each can contains approximately 200 crickets, and does need to be refrigerated after opening.

Available here on and each order at $49 or higher gets fast, free shipping.