Chewy let me choose Honest Kitchen Wishes to review for free on my male cats this month. I did not choose my finicky girls to try them because they don’t like fish. Too bad. We did have experience using Honest Kitchen Nice Mussels in the past, and the boys loved those so…

Here we go

Available in a three ounce bag, and made in the USA using human grade quality, wild-caught white fish.
And with a single ingredient of wild-caught fish, they’re loaded with protein and good-for-them omega-3 fatty acids. Finally, dogs and cats have something to agree on—so everyone’s wish has been granted!
They smell so fishy. If you’re sensitive to smells, this may be a little overwhelming, but my cats love them.

average filet is 1/2 oz

But, I’m finding conflicting information on calorie content and serving averages. This is discouraging for me because my boys have a weight problem. Yes, collectively. Tommy and Stewart are both on supervised diets. The back of the bag says “28kcal per average filet” but my kitchen scale says my filet was a half ounce, and the Chewy website says under Nutritional Info “28 kcal/half filet”.
I’m going to have to math to get a better answer, aren’t I?
Honest Kitchen Wishes bag also states “3,700 kcal per kg”.
104.9 calories per ounce? I have this feeling either my math is failing me (I took Introductory Algebra in college), my kitchen scale is in dire need of calibration, or that this is not a treat I can feed my boys on the regular.

I did check the Q&A submitted by pet parents to Chewy, but this is not already listed, and I’m not sure they can address it in black and white because product sizes vary by package. Maybe it turns out that I had a very dense fish filet.

Moving on – These are fairly easy to break into smaller pieces, but it was fun to give an entire filet to each of my boys despite the calorie concern. They had to work on their piece for 5-10 minutes before they could get it to break, and sometimes I would just take the slobber covered Wishes from them and crack them into 3 pieces. WE ARE TESTING FOR POSTERITY, AFTER ALL.

He doesn’t disagree with my methods

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