provided us this Pedi-Perch to test out with our green cheek conures and review the product at no cost to us.

Available in X-small to X-large right here

We got the medium. It has two textures, and different gripping sizes to work their feet out from fatigue.

I will try anything on these girls for less than $10

Living World Pedi-Perch Cement Bird Perch is an essential addition to your bird’s home. This cement bird perch helps naturally trim and maintain blunt, well-groomed nails as your bird moves about on it. The multi-grip wave surface promotes foot circulation and helps prevent arthritis and atrophy. In addition, this beneficial perch helps clean and condition your bird’s beak as he invariably pecks and bites at it.


It sounds great, definitely affordable, I got the appropriate size, they didn’t send it to me in purple (they hated my purple hair), and this is a highly rated item on Chewy! 4.6 stars with 50 reviews! It sounds great for my three girls.

They didn’t scream when they saw it or when I put it in at the beginning. They just never used it. I had it right next to the seagrass play mat, and so they stopped using the seagrass play mat. I took it out after 2 weeks, and Koi Monkey let out a shriek like she’d never seen it before, and I startled her.

So that happened. I could show you how to clip your birds’ nails, which is honestly horrifying if you’re empathetic, because my girls are dramatic, so I won’t. Or you could give this Pedi-Perch an honest try – 78% 5* reviews.

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