So far there are 3 different offerings in multiple sizes on Chewy, and we had the chance to try out the Spiked Pinata Natural Bird Toy in Medium (for free) to see how our three green cheek conures would enjoy destroying it.

It took them a little while to warm up to it, but they weren’t afraid of it at all, which is great. On occasion I have given them an item, and they completely freak out. They had it approximately three weeks by the time I took the photos, and here’s what it started out as:

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And then our model, Idris:


The remains of the devastation:

Yes. Birds are messy.

Seagrass is usually their favorite, so this still exists in time and space, for the time being. But they really did enjoy it.
Add it to your shopping list, or try it out as a filler item to reach that $49 free 1-2 day shipping. It’s really quite an affordable piece to sacrifice to the feathered ones.