This month we chose two bird products from Chewy, at no charge to review –
But life got in the way.

If you’ve been following along, my middle-child-bird has been laying eggs and disrupting the entire flock dynamic. One of our items is on the back burner for another time, but the Nutri-berries have been well received by all the girls.

Click here for the varieties of Nutri-Berries on Chewy for your birds, whatever size they may be

We’re been using Nutri-Berries for years and were very excited when Chewy started offering them. It’s been more difficult to locate them at retail since I moved to the D.C. area two years ago, and now I can put them in my usual Chewy orders with no fuss and no shoes on. We sampled the Classic flavor this month for the first time, and Koi Monkey was as excited to have them as she’s always been. If I needed to get her out of the nest, I opened up the Nutri-Berries. They are also a complete food that encourages their natural foraging abilities.

I’ve got two videos to share with you. The first is a few minutes long, when I was learning to play with YouTube and the girls were very young. The second is less than a minute, posted to Instagram a few days ago.

Everyone is so moody this month, but come running for @nutriberries @chewy sent us these for no charge to get the flocks' opinion for #chewyinfluencer for the month of May. The same day our Chewy Box arrived, Koi Monkey (cinnamon) started laying eggs with her girlfriend Jak of seven years! Most of her eggs have been pulled and replaced with dummies, but two in the dish are still hers. She leaves the nest immediately when LaFeber's @nutriberries come out. "All the nutrition of pellets + All the benefits of foraging" Chewy carries a variety of nutriberries to suit your birds' tastes. We've now tried them all except Popcorn. "Classic" has been a great addition this month to her regular diet and something Koi looks forward to while she's taking a break from sitting on her eggs. #parrot #middleagedmom #yum #birds #greencheekconure

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All orders $49+ ship free with 1-2 day shipping. I hope your flock enjoys their Nutri-Berries.