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By accounts, Koi Monkey is likely to lay an 8th or 9th egg by the weekend. It looks like she’s started plucking her feathers from her underbelly, but I haven’t seen those little feathers in her nesting bowl. Any time I put bedding in her nesting bowl, she takes it out. She’s starting to bulge again, so I called my vet office.
The tech said if I can move the cage to a different location, that might make her feel stressed not to lay. Unfortunately, this house is too small. Aside from changing the light cycle, I was also told to rearrange their cage as entirely as I can.

I took a bunch of stuff out, moved lots of things around, went downstairs and got some old stuff out of storage, and rearranged their cage.
I also took her last two eggs out of the nesting dish to inspect shell quality and to replace them with dummies.
My Monkey is sitting on 9 dummies.

The goal now is to see if she stops within a week/week and a half. If she continues to lay, we might need to make her an appointment for hormonal intervention with the vet.

Before the last two eggs were swapped for dummies. If you look carefully, you can spot them.