Koi hasn’t laid since Monday. Monday was her fourth egg. This was also the same day the dummy clutch arrived in the mail, so I took her eggs away and gave her five, hoping she wouldn’t lay the 5th egg that is typical in the clutch of a green cheek conure. She never built a nest, and every other day the eggs are scattered all over the cage or down below in the litter. My boyfriend washes his hands and regroups her eggs to the back corner, and she goes to caring for them again.

Today, I am sitting out in the living room with the girls and Miss Monkey has not been on her dummy eggs all afternoon. Sometimes, when she is guarding them, Idris will attempt to steal them from her and she gets really stressed out, so we lock Idris out of the cage for awhile.
It makes things kind of tense for me. I’m getting a job soon so we have money towards our security deposit, since our lease did not get renewed.

This is going to be the 6th home the animals are moving into.