He didn’t protest even once.
They took his blood and even injected subcutaneous fluids under his skin.

I had called his regular vet and they said to take him to the emergency room. My cat had been straining in the litter box, and then keeps vomiting under the strain.

ER says he’s likely not constipated or having any urethral obstructions, as his bladder was empty. With his bladder empty, there is no urine to culture. They’re treating him for a urinary infection. He’s on antibiotics, was given an injection for nausea, got his fluids, his blood comes back great for his age.

Then he comes out and finally gets a medium very firm stool out in the box. I can see why he was straining. But, we’re following doctor’s orders and treating a UTI. Better safe than sorry, and a little clavamox isn’t going to hurt him. If he starts getting diarrhea I have probiotics and fortiflora to give him. I thought maybe I still had the cosequin to try for his bladder health, but it’s either buried somewhere around the house in storage or ended up being donated.

He says his meds leave a weird taste in his mouth. He was having issue a few hours ago, but he’s about to have his final dinner of the day and I hope he manages to finish it on his own.