Lily does need a full spay. Vet confirmed. We went over options, had 1 I hadn’t had recommended to me in the past: THEY HAVE AN IMPLANT

We discussed Lupron, which is still $100 per injection and not a hundred percent effective. An implant, which is more long-lasting than the injection but again, not one hundred percent effective. Then the two options for spay, and only one of them she qualifies for. The simple one where you do a small slit over each flank and remove the ovaries would have been great if I had taken her in last year. Only now, she needs the whole shebang. In through her abdomen and remove the affected ovaries and uterus. A huge reason the vet would like to go this way is that there was the very faint pink tinge in her urine, and she likely thinks her uterus is also being affected.

There ya go. Surgery is April 2nd.

This is how Chai was healing after her spay