Recently, I downsized the guinea pig C&C pen down from 2×6 grids to 2×4 grids. I tacked some liners together, which have been holding up at the laundromat. We even bought a table with telescoping legs to have the pen up a little higher off the ground, and leave extra room for storage underneath.

It’s all good and well, but my cat Tommy is creating drama again. He doesn’t want to touch the guinea pigs, so they’re safe. I took him off Prozac almost three months ago, and now he’s doing nervous eating. Specifically, he’s eating hay when no one is looking. I feed the guinea pigs long-strand orchard grass. This travels all the way through the cats without being broken down or digested. Tommy has been having trouble getting all his poop out in one sitting, and it’s laced with hay.

So, I placed another order with over some 16″x6′ shelving *quantity 2*, zip ties, and a new saw blade to cut the shelves down to fit the pen. Then I went to the Guinea Pig Cages Store and ordered custom support bars to place underneath the new shelf/lid.

All on credit, because Tom never prepares me for these things beforehand.

I need to change the pig pen tomorrow and get any old hay out of there, and then use one of my boxes of short strand Oxbow Timothy Hay Stacks, so that if my mook cat can’t stop eating hay, it won’t be an eight inch piece trying to journey out from his colon (until the supply order arrives to execute this next project).

Tom has been busted, before.