Super Pet Expo is going to be coming through my region this weekend. I usually try to make sure I have $40 on me, some business cards in case I see a networking opportunity, and probably Dismal’s daughter. If you’re heading to Chantilly, last I checked, code “Happy” will give you $3 off the purchase of an online ticket.

There will be a lot of rescue groups, boutique items, usually cat furniture, couture, samples, and even TICA.

Even if you are firm in what you’re feeding your pets, keep an open mind to new foods and treats. If they’re offering free samples, accept them graciously, and if you change your mind later on – DONATE THEM. There are plenty of pets in situations where owners and rescues are in need of unopened cat and dog food. Donate to your local shelter, Humane Society, rescue, Petsmart or Petco, or even drop them off at The Big Bad Woof in the D.C. area.

FAQ on types of pets you can bring and leash requirements

Parking is free as well as re-entry with hand stamp