I spent almost two hours away from home yesterday morning round trip in traffic to make the 7:30-8:30 a.m. drop-off.
I probably shouldn’t even have a driver’s license, but once you get one, it’s honestly really difficult to get it taken away.
That’s not the point.
Maybe an hour or so after I got home I got a call from Amalie’s Vet saying the xrays were not good. I know every time I talk to you about Amalie’s teeth, I mention her recurring FORL problem…


Her three remaining fangs were no good. I was told that others were questionable and we might have to pull up to 6 teeth, but that they would know once she was sedated and all the build up was removed, just what the rest of the tooth looked like above the gum line.

I got another call from her vet around 11 a.m. that the premolars cleaned up nicely and were safe right where they were, and that her fangs were gone, and that one fang was about ready to fracture and she was able to get it removed intact.

Now, I’m used to cats going through procedures and surgery and general anesthetic, but what I’m not use to is this pain medication they gave her: Simbadol
It appears it’s a derivative of my commonly used Buprenex, but this kitten hasn’t acted like any of my other cats on Buprenex injection. Yesterday she was trying to eat every twenty minutes, and she had nerve blocks done to pull those teeth, so none of that was really working out too well for her. Her eyes were fully dilated, so I had her spend time in a dark room for the first few hours she was home. Today she’s been much more relaxed, eyes still dilated, sometimes spacing out, but eating at more appropriate times. The vet said her pupils should respond more normally tomorrow. I believe her nerve blocks have worn off by now.

Amalie, with three dentals and 9 extractions under her belt, has now advanced on to 2nd Place.

Lala’s Most Expensive Companion continues to reign: Tommy Gargoyle (cat) $10,000+
Lala’s newest Second Place Most Expensive Companion is: Amalie (cat) $2,500-3,000
Lala’s Third Place Most Expensive Companion is now: Mr. Emerson (guinea pig) $2,000-2,500