Tommy decided to do that a few days ago. We didn’t know if he was just picky, having switched foods again, or maybe he was having trouble smelling, or generally “What is going on with my cat?”.

One of the first lines of defense if your cat is losing their appetite is FortiFlora made by Purina.

Mom that I am, I bought three boxes and next-day shipped them.

It’s not exactly cheap, and each sachet is about a gram. Lucky for me, I have three boxes now on hand, because Tommy decided to eat the next morning before the shipment arrived.

Dismal decided to have a little fun and see just how crack-licious this stuff is for kitties, so he opened a packet, and waved it around each of our cats. They went nuts. I told him we were lucky no one tried to chew into the unopened boxes.

So, of course if your animal is ill, I want you to see a doctor. But there is a non medicated appetite stimulant, FortiFlora, that might help out. It’s marketed as a probiotic for poorly cats, so while the microbes in this may die over time and expire, you can store it in the freezer indefinitely.