da dam birb

You can’t just keep them locked up because there is a 20% chance they’ll misbehave. Idris wanted to hang out again. I go into this, fully understanding that there may be something I don’t recognize that I’m doing, and she’ll bite me. Or she’ll just bite me because she’s happy, or I’m not looking at her enough, or not blowing enough kissies, or not taking her around the house. I DON’T KNOW.

Idris was on my shoulder earlier, and she bit my ear. K. Fine. I went to go get Starbucks with Dismal and came back and let the girls back out and Idris wanted to hang out again. This time we made it past the five minute mark, and things seemed okay. Soon after, she reached over from my shoulder, and bit me right in the middle of my cheek again. I flung her. She flew back to the cage.

Now, she is asking if anyone would like to hang out again.