There are two high tech feeders we use in our home, and they may have the solution for you.

The Feed and Go automated feeder has 6 compartments and syncs up every hour to the network to keep the feeds on an accurate schedule. These feeders have an app, a web friendly interface, a camera, and voice recording. We use two on the same schedule for our boys.

The girls use the SureFeed in the next room. It only opens for their RFID chips. If your cat won’t wear a collar to have it programmed to their tag, you can also program it to the microchip that we hope all your kitties have located near their shoulder.

But where exactly did that feline friend of yours come from? Those looks are striking, and they have so much to say! If you’d like to know more about your feline’s genetic history *breed, predisposition towards illness*, then there is a company out of Redondo Beach, CA called BasePaws. Request a CatKit, register it, return it, allow for processing, and learn more about your best friend. We think our vocal Russian Blue Mix may have a surprising amount of generic Tabby in him, and I’ll tell you more about it when we receive our results.

If you have birds in the house, like we do, you may appreciate a subscription to Squawk Box. It comes filled with paper that your fids might like to rummage through and chew on, as well as toy or two, a recipe, and some snacks. We had a six month subscription where the birds got to try new things each month, and this also gives you a chance to try new things you may not know your bird could love.

While we’re on subscription boxes, I love my Crazy CatLadyBox sub that Dismal sends me every month. You get some amazing things, both fun and beautiful, and the CRAZY part is this is the box that comes with two toys for your kitties each month. It’s not just for you! Any when you empty the box, you just leave it out in your cats’ common area. It’s the perfect size for them to lounge in each month.

RescueBox works with both cats and dogs, and every purchase you make goes back into charitable donations of food and needed vaccines. “With every RescueBox, subscribers will receive a curated box filled with high-quality toys, delicious treats, and other tail-wagging products that have been vetted by the pets of our team. The best part? Every delivery will feature a rescue story that wouldn’t be possible without the generous donation that your purchase provides. RescueBox is a special monthly delivery that both you and your pet can truly get excited and feel GOOD about.”

Now, something for your small mammals: Oxbow Hay Stacks
If you’re going out of town and you’re taking your caged bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas with you, or deciding to leave them under someone else’s care, these things are great. The hay is compressed, so there is a sizable amount in the pucks that come in the stack. I wish I would have had these in their cages when we moved across country. We used them when I left for vacation during the summer because Dismal can’t handle loose hay – it’s dusty and makes his allergies go nuts.