Right now I’m waiting for the turkey thighs to get their partial cook for surface bacteria.

I rolled out of bed late today. When I should have been sleeping last night, I was up having flashbacks of my alpha male, Tommy, going to the hospital. About a week ago marks 1 year since his medical problems began. When everything hit the fan, I had started to make these changes to his diet, hoping against hope that he would not have any recurrences. First we moved him to canned food, and about midway through December, we started to move him to commercial raw food. He’s eating that right now because of when Thanksgiving landed this year. I ran a bunch of numbers, and by the end of December I had all my supplies to start making the food myself. He was switched over on New Year’s Eve.

Then he relapsed twice in February and went into surgery.

So, here I am. I am currently covered in cats while the turkey is in the oven. I get a half hour (because they are large thighs) so I’m watching the beginning to Full Metal Jacket again with Stewart in my lap, Amalie at my ankles, and Tommy at the foot of the bed.

I applied to the community college to see about attending a writing course soon. I need to make sure y’all can understand me more often.

One day, I’m not going to have to worry about making this food myself. I’d buy it again, but I’m fairly certain my costs are now around $90 a month for the two boys on a premium of rabbit and turkey. Saving that money over having a company make it end up being shifted over into buying better food for my girls. The ladies haven’t taken to raw, and are on a diet of high quality/low carb dry with a large can of wet each day.