Imagine my surprise to find out, when I weighed my cats today, after two weeks have gone by, that one guy is down almost 5 ounces. My first thought wasn’t that my cat was ill, but that maybe with the stress his dad has been under, he’s missed meals or something.

This guy

Stewart is 13 lb and change. He’s meant to be 12 lbs. We worked it out that he’s been eating 4 1/2 ounces to stop gaining. It’s been discussed that he probably needs to diet since he’s got a health condition. Stewburger has asthma. This is why we never adopted him out, aside from his salty personality.

I asked my boyfriend, “How much have you been feeding Stew?”.

With complete confidence he replies, “1/2,1/2,1,1, and 1.”

So, he hasn’t inadvertently been underfeeding him. He put him on a diet. He didn’t tell me we were doing this. And, he’s not wrong in his methods, either. When the boys’ weights need adjusted we do change it by 1/2 oz.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Maybe he thought he’d told me? He’s busy with family stuff, the university, the V.A., not sleeping well. How hard was it for him to come to the decision to put his cat on a diet in the middle of all this without his girlfriend firmly supporting him? I HAD NO IDEA.

We’re on the right track. The reason I don’t change the food to be low fat is because Tommy needs it. Tom is on 6 oz a day and had some real trouble keeping weight on months ago.