Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

This company has been supplying me my rabbit for our home made raw food since December 2016. The last order I placed was the end of June and I just used the last of it a week ago. I need to put in a new order, but we made some changes to the formula so math comes in to play. I used to buy the 2 lb chubs of skinned, gutted, whole ground rabbit, and that is well stocked – but now I need the 1 lb chubs.

The recipe I use is for 3 lbs of meat, and Dr Pierson said to do 50/50 bone-in to bone-less instead of 2:1. With the 2 lb chubs I had, the smallest amount I could make to cover the month and was divisible by 3 was TWENTY FOUR LBS OF MEAT. That… is a hell of a lot of cat food.

I decided this time around, I wanted to do 18. 9 lbs of rabbit and 9 lbs of turkey.
I need 1 lb chubs this time.

A friend of mine is interested in trying their product too, but can’t fulfill their 10 lb minimum order, so he’s going to end up piggy backing on my S&H and should be ordering with me.