gives us the opportunity to feature products for you!

This month we have 2 new products:

Wellness Core Simply Shreds for your kitties and Oxbow Harvest Stacks for your favorite small mammals. Ours? GUINEA PIGS.

The Simply Shreds impressed me. Very simple.
Tuna, Fish Broth, Water Sufficient For Processing, Shrimp.
Caloric Content
33 kcal/pouch

I didn’t feel guilty for giving them to my boys, who are on a pretty strict diet. Last month Princess Yue Pants was our official tester. The boys this month are my Russian Blue mix Tommy Gargoyle, and our black and white tux Stewart.

They are available in four other flavors on Chewy, as well as FOUR FLAVORS FOR YOUR DOGGIES!


The Harvest Stacks are made with compressed Western timothy hay. It’s 80 % less airborne dust than traditional hay. Perfect for those suffering with allergies. They pack a small punch into this little box. For a 2 lb pet, a package can last up to 18 days. 5 lbs? 7 days. 7 lbs? 5 days. I happen to own approximately 11 lbs of guinea pigs. I left for vacation for about a week and when I’d returned, my boyfriend had went through 3 of these. I found them so easy to use that I ended up opening up the last box to save me from going to the basement and refilling their loose hay bin. I’d recommend these for pet sitters as well as using them to travel and dropping a disc into their travel cage. Chewy sent me a new package so I can document it for you.