Tommy is not bottoming out on losing weight. Our scales says he’s very close to hitting 12 lbs flat, and he’s supposed to be at 13. We’re going to be consulting soon with Dr Pierson from over how and what I am feeding him. His weight loss trickling isn’t alarming enough that he has to see a doctor, but as a vet she can tell me in the interview if she wants me to have him seen by the local vet and run any more blood panels. In the meantime, he’s now getting an egg yolk a day at 55 calories to try to keep him level, and I’m going to have to run to FedEx tomorrow with his medical records to see if they can scan them to a PDF for Dr Pierson as our scanner is a bunk piece of machinery that can’t hold a WiFi connection and do more than 3 pages. Woo. Technology.