Tommy and Stewart started raw 5 months ago. It was Nature’s Variety Raw Medallions in chicken. Then it was bone in rabbit with turkey and 20% skin and I think 10 egg yolks.
Well they gained a pound.
So I’ve been doing rabbit and turkey without skin and no egg yolks. I had Stewart at 4 oz and Tommy at 4.5 oz. I got them back to goal. So Stewart was moved up to 4.5 oz and Tommy to 5 oz, but they were still slowly losing weight. I moved Stew up to 5 oz and Tommy to 5.5 oz.
Stewart has now held his weight for at least 3 weeks without losing and staying at goal. Tommy is still slowly losing. Geez man. We’re moving him up to 6 oz to see if he’ll stop losing, plus I just added in 2 pureed turkey skins into the new formula I made yesterday. I’m going to weigh him in 2 weeks and see if he’s stopped losing and if he’s even doing tiny gains or not. If progress isn’t where I want to be, then I’m going to take Tom’s daily allowance of food and blend an egg yolk into it for the day and then re-portion.
If he doesn’t stop losing in a few weeks we might need to take him to the vet.
I’m still trying to get the swing of this with Tom’s metabolism. Today he’s 12.2. Stewart is 12.08. They are supposed to be a pound apart.