We picked up Tommy the evening of the 17th. He immediately started fluffing whatever he could get his outstretched paws into, inside the carrier, as soon as he heard us surround him during discharge.

The total for his PU surgery was $2400.

He peed yesterday afternoon at home.

He pooped in the middle of the night last night.

He’s eating a little, every few hours, and I’m making sure to add water to his food for hydration.

So far he’s not been on his raw diet, as they are portioned 1 ounce per serving, and he only eats about a half ounce at a time. I’ve got his canned food mixed with two little scoops of cranberry extract mixed in w 1 tsp olive oil. The first for the bladder, and the second for the bowels.

He’s got the loveseat with a heated blanket, white cloth over the blanket to monitor bleeding, mommy’s hoodie for smells and the cave at the end that his daddy built for him.