Around the holidays the flight prices can be ridiculous. Dismal has to fly out with his kids from DC to Phoenix and back again so they spend the holidays with their mother.

I found a flea in my house.

Don’t worry. We’re pretty sure the two are related.

Because inflight Dismal’s thigh was getting bitten up. He felt it happening during the 4 hour flight home.

I haven’t had an issue with fleas since I lived in Texas about 16 years ago. Fortunately, I had some Revolution on hand that the vet gave me in case Amalie’s wheezing could be related to any parasites. They said the cat heart worm test is only about 75% accurate, and she came back negative, but better safe than sorry.

Calmly went around the house with my meds on hand. Dose for Tommy. Dose for Stewart. Dose for Amalie. And two doses and a syringe to distribute among the five guinea pigs with some help from Guinea Lynx

FYI Revolution is only available in the states by prescription (far as I can tell) and a six month supply for your pet up to 15 lbs is $100.

Thank you, Frontier.