I’ve got to do a lower calorie formulation. Eggs were optional so at 700+ calories, those are going to be left out. Skin from the thighs is optional so I’m going to cut out that. It was about 500 calories. Currently I’m pulling back portions on the two boys. Tommy is up a half a lb so I’m cutting him back a half ounce and Stewy is up 1 lb so I’m cutting back a full ounce. Average is 4-6oz per cat per day, and I was feeding them both 5 oz of this super rich formula. Tommy is the larger cat and Stew the smaller. I’ve always had to stagger their feeding amounts. On dry Tom always got 5 more grams than Stewart.

So with their feedings five times a day I laid out the plan that Stewart will get a half ounce at 6 am, and a half ounce at 9 am, then 1 oz noon, 1 oz, 5p, 1 oz 9:30p.
Tommy will get a half oz at 6am and then a full ounce for the other 4 feedings.