Yes. So ever since Lily moved in and popped out her daughters, Mu-Xi Mu has come out of her shell just a little. She’s turning 6 next year so I don’t expect too much out of her. But Lily’s kids are crazy. Potsticker is very food motivated and gathers mom and her sisters to follow me around the pig pen and bully me for treats with screaming. However, when the girls are in the wading pool with the towel while I’m cleaning out the pig pen, Potsticker always hides under the towel with Auntie Mu. You FAT chicken.
When I’m cleaning, Murphy and her mother stand up on the sides of the pool, waiting for me to put my hand down and pick them up to go back home. I told them to sit down and chill I need like ten minutes. They stood there, noses in the air, patiently waiting. I stopped and put my hand down and Lily and Murph both held onto the inside palm of my hand with their front paws, just waiting to be picked up.
After everyone gets to return to the piggy villa I get bombarded within about ten minutes. WE NEED TREATS To CELEBRATe! And it’s Potsticker again. Then momma and Murphy and Ruby, with Mu-Xi watching from the side.