Tommy has been doing super well since a day or two out of the hospital. I’ve had he and his roommate on pre-made raw food and canned food so that he gets fluids in him throughout the day for his urinary health, instead of binging a few times at the water fountain and then peeing once or twice a day like a farking horse.

I’m out of the raw and I have some cans to use while I am now waiting for the 14 lbs of whole ground rabbit and 8 lbs of turkey thighs(out of 25) I got from Whole Foods using Instacart cause I didn’t feel like leaving the house, driving across town, asking the meat department for 3 months worth of meat, going through checkout, and coming back home.

I’m going to be using the raw recipe from and ordered the supplements from

I have a 30 quart stainless mixing bowl to use, over a dozen eggs, a food processor.
Going to be interesting portioning 22 lbs of meat into ice cube trays.