I few weeks ago I went to the Arizona Humane Society and donated a bunch of stuff. Today I went back and gave a little more.
If you don’t support AZ Humane, then consider your local ASPCA or a rescue of your choice.

I gave a guinea pig carrier, bird carrier, cockatiel cage, 2 chiller ceramic slabs used for chinchillas, a big wooden hidey house, a mopani wood bird stand, some cat bedding and several Kong Kickeroos and well as a blanket, guinea pig food that came free with a purchase I made, an Aikiou Stimulo model 1 feeder ( couldn’t find the three extra pieces) as well as another cat feeder that makes it a challenge for them to just sit there and gorge themselves.

I debated giving up the Gatefeeder system, but if that goes I want it to go to a good home and not for resale, but turns out it was super that I kept it.

Princess barfed into the Surefeed and it broken down. They are sending me another one but in the meantime the Gatefeeder is back out.

So today I went to Staples and took coupons I got in my email to get a 10 ream case of paper for $9.99 after rebate and 1 ream pack of paper for 1c after rebate. I filled out the rebates in the car and submitted on my smartphone and drove right over to the Humane Society and took them 11 reams of paper that’s going to only cost me $10.

See if these will work for you


I also have towels to go through from the guinea pigs that I might drop off.
But if you ever find a ridiculous deal on things like paper towels, litter, fleece throws, laundry detergent, paper, so many things or are cleaning out storage and think to yourself that you wondered where that went, then you haven’t missed it in a year or two and can probably separate yourself from it.