Over a month on a prescription diet(we had urine and blood ran for tests at the vet) for Stewart, all the Ssscat cans placed around the joint, the motion sensor water sprinklers to keep other cats out of the yard, the Feliway diffusers plugged into the walls, the extra litter box upstairs, and the lavender calming collars. Nature’s Miracle for cleaning.

None of these have gotten Stewart to stop spraying. So now we’ve moved onto shock therapy. There is this item from Petsafe called the Scat Mat, and you lay it in front of whatever surface you don’t want someone on, or even on the surface. They advertise these things for couches, countertops… Our hot zones are in the front of the front and back doors. Turns out he’s been going in the kids’ room so they’ll be getting one in their doorway that I’m sure they’re going to get shocked on.

It’s just a little pokey tick tick feeling on your feet.

Stewart. *sigh*