Turns out that Stewart will wail in the car whether he’s in a carrier or not. We took both boys to the vet to update their charts with the new weight. I had went to get treats yesterday and Tom’s weight was still recorded as being over 17 lbs.

Tommy and Stew were transported using their harnesses. Tommy stayed in the floorboard the entire ride and Stewy was just all over the place in the car, but still wailing away. I don’t get him.

So, on November 29th the boys were
Tommy – 15.81 lbs
Stew – 13.78 lbs

Today they were
Tommy – 15.6
Stew – 13.4

Tommy 13 lbs
Stewart 11.8 lbs

Even though Stewart’s food allowance was increased to be the same as Tom’s, Stewy still loses weight more easily. Lucky boy.

And as always for records: They are on Hill’s Metabolic formula