I give lots of guinea pig updates on my Twitter, as well as random mumblings about my cats and dogs.

Lily had a vet check the day after she arrived. They weighed her at 889 grams.
Three days later I weighed her at 960 grams. Four days after that (1 week since initial weigh) and I weighed her at 1029 grams. She’s also very pear shaped.

When they did her intake on the 10th, they x-rayed her and said there was nothing significant to report. At the fourteenth, at the other vet, he said he didn’t feel anything.

There is a chance, however small, that she may have been even transported to the Humane Society with the male in the same crate, and that she could just be very early in pregnancy.

I’m going to keep weighing her every few days. They said that gestation is 59-72 days and that the weight can DOUBLE.

Other than that, things are fine.