I’ve been updating via Twitter and it’s going so-so with my guinea pig. She’s not gaining weight. She’s kinda just barely staying the same weight. She’s on pain medication and hand feedings three times a day. The vet said to give her some tofu to try to keep her weight up, so every few hours I’ve been giving her a half a syringe of tofu. It wasn’t a great morning. She weighed roughly 764 grams. She’s still plucky, even though when she’s resting she starts breathing really hard. She’s in the hospital cage because I wanted to make sure she was eating her vitapoos. Her output seems to be ok even though sometimes she doesn’t have any poop for a few hours. We’re doing alright. She’s probably not going to get her weight up for surgery and I’ll just be feeding her to keep her alive. But she seems happy enough for an old lady. I’m sitting on my hands.