I have to get Stewart into a program. He’s rotund.
Tommy Gargoyle is already on the Metabolic Formula for Science Diet. He qualified for a promotion to get started, get food, a wellness exam followup as well as a followup bag of formula. I’m hoping I’ll be so fortunate with Stewart, by networking with Blog Paws after hearing a Tweet about upcoming opportunities.

As for now, Stewart’s Smart ID rfid tag to the Gatefeeder has been removed. He will have no more free feedings.

I understand that weight loss was important to my Gargoyle for his health as he got older, but Stewart’s health is always important right NOW because he has the misfortune of being an asthmatic.

Stewart’s asthma was found by a radiograph at the veterinarian’s office. They said he has the classic “donuts” along the bronchi. His treatment is steroids. Oral steroids are systemic and don’t target the affected area, so we opted for an inhaler. How do you get a cat to take to an inhaler? There is this genius little medical device called an AeroKat.

My mother thinks I’m nuts, but Stewart didn’t ask to come into my family as a sick boy,  he just is.
It’s my fault he got fat though; that and the steroids.