And my Mu Mux is at 960 grams.
She is steadily going downhill. Her health seems otherwise fine but I need to start feeding her supplement tube food and just keep weighing. She might need a vet visit shortly. It’s likely Chai’s fault. At seven, we’ve learned she’s been using vampire tactics on all the other guinea pigs before her and it was only a matter of time before Mu-Xi would be syphoned too.

I’ve also just put in order for Stewart’s steroid inhaler for his asthma. He’s gaining weight and needs to go on a diet like Tommy is. We’re just not there yet.

And pertaining to the cats… I leave the front door open for them almost every day and they hang out around the screen door and chill in the sunlight. Now, neighborhood cats have come up to our porch to talk to them. Then, neighborhood cats started spraying my front door. I just grabbed a new bottle of Nature’s Miracle on the way home from school. It’s been sprayed on the front door, the screen door and in the bottom of the door jam. I opted not to get the bottle that specifically says it’s territorial cat spraying because it’s designed to discourage cats from coming back, and this is where my babies like to hang out.

Tomorrow is a blood draw for myself and then maybe off to the laundromat for piggy laundry, but I have to tell you the woman that works there is driving me nuts. I need a 2 load machine. When I come in during the mornings, the employee is using all of them. That leaves me with cramming my piggie laundry into a 1 load machine or upselling me to a 4 load machine for another $2. Seriously Cheesed Off. This is happened the last 3-4 times I’ve been in there and I usually have to speak up and barter for a machine. So annoying. There are at least fourteen 1 load machines and maybe 6 working two load machines and she doesn’t even fill the 2 loaders she’s using to capacity.