Tommy Gargoyle had a free vet visit today, courtesy of Science Diet, regarding his weight.
My puma is fat.  I knew this. I didn’t realize he was gaining again since his last visit. He’s roughly 20 1/2 lbs.
They measured him lengthwise, the lengths of his legs, width across his face and I think his hips, and took that into consideration to come up with this number:

47.6% body fat


13.1 lbs ideally

3/4 cup of food per day

and we should hit that number in six months.

He’s not going to be happy with me. I asked for suggestions with this and the tech says that you can leave the cats in the bathroom for an hour to make sure they eat. It’s going to take a few days of that for the cats to realize that they’re on a schedule so I may have cranky pusses begging for food at inappropriate times until they take a clue.