I let the cats out on the back porch quite a bit since we moved into the new rental house. I freak out when one of them walks off into the yard.

We’ve had an issue with ants around here and when I mowed, I ran over at least five anthills. The yard has been sprayed, but I’m still freaking out over Amalie being gung-ho off into the yard on her own whilst Tommy Puma Gargoyle rolls around on the patio floor and occasionally chews on grass. The only reason I don’t panic over them eating grass by the patio is that there is a sprinkler system that comes on every night and we sprayed almost a week ago for those pesky fire ants.

I can’t wrap my head around having a kitten with ant bites. I had a puppy once, and she had fire ant bites all over her belly that broke out into that signature pimply rash. Poor baby. And cats aren’t nearly a dumb and pliable as your favorite, happy dog. Fresca was an amazing dog, but she is not a cat, and many people that have had both can call their dog dumb on occasion with the greatest enthusiasm! I loved her, but I have no idea how I could be hands off like my cat needs, when I need to mother them if they ever get into an anthill.

So yeah, I’m practically horrified when my headstrong tiny tortie tells me she’s off to take a stroll in the yard.