Back in October my contribution to Catster‘s original Illegal Cat article made it through to the fighting round .

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For the last few days, I’ve been sans cats around here. I have the four and the apartment decided they were going to give us a very vaguely dated Intent to Enter letter to complete the unit’s annual inspection. In rebuttal, Dismal corrected the letter’s many grammatical errors and pointed out the fact that their document was delivered two weeks after it was dated, rendering it a non-legally-binding document a.k.a.  “You have no legal grounds for entering our unit with this letter, but we’re letting you anyway.”

The next day we were served a “We want you out at the end of your lease in July; Thank you for giving us money.” letter, via certified mail.

Furthermore for our apartment’s not knowing their head from their ass, we were called over the phone the very next day asking if we’ve thought about renewing our lease.

‘Scuse me, what?

*blink* Srsly?

Now I’m looking for apartments or houses to rent around the first of July, and all the meantime missing my bub.

Tommy Gargoyle has been at their uncle’s apartment with his sissy, Yue, and they’ve all been hanging out with his cat, Dax. Well, mostly… Yue has been living inside his futon.
I got to hang out with my boy last night. I went to bed feeling a little better with myself.

The inspection is finally completed and my furkids are coming back home tonight!
(booty dance)

I love my cats.