We received our Gatefeeder a few months ago. The first surprise was the hold on my bank account alerting me to potential fraud as the order is routed through Hong Kong. No big deal; moving forward:


I was very excited. Food is an issue in my household. One male cat (Stewart) is on inhaled steroids for asthma, the other male cat (Tommy Gargoyle) snacks as often as I do.


Yue and Tommy decided to check out the device, but it just a roadblock on the way to better prospects:


It came with another box.

The unit also included their Smart ID rfid tag, but not the split ring I used to attach it to the collar. I picked up a package of those at the local craft store for a few dollars.


One cat did not appreciate the tag at all and it was removed for safety reasons. You can see the teeth marks on it.
Two other girls wear theirs with no issues at all.  It’s slightly smaller than a quarter and a bit thicker than a nickel.

IMG_20130418_141247_969 IMG_20130418_141259_208

We had to take the enclosure off the unit. The girls were a little uneasy about sticking their head in and not being able to keep eye out for the boys. To encourage them that it was okay to use, we left Gatefeeder pinned open. They eventually got used to putting their head in for food. The enclosure around it was created from 14 inch storage grids that are usually used in a cube system. I have so many left over from making the guinea pig pen, we didn’t go out of pocket on this part.

Later, the opening was closed and only one of the females decided she would use it when the alternate feeder for the males, The Aikiou, was empty. The other female would rather wait and have the Aikiou reset than nose the Gatefeeder’s door into opening when it recognizes that she’s wearing her Smart ID tag.

Late at night I have heard the males trying to get into it and cannot. They started with trying to pull pieces out through the grids, but didn’t receive the reward they were looking for. The smaller profile fits nicely just about anywhere. I’m hoping the girls will use it more as their regular feeding system, but practice (and patience) makes perfect when working with cats.

Other uses for the Gatefeeder would be as a sole cat feeding system when you have another animal, like a dog, that will not stop eating the cat food. In a two cat household, one can safely eat their prescription diet while the other gets their regular free-feeding.

In my household, things are a little different.