Tomas Puma Gargoyle the 1st and I are going to have to embark on our weight loss journey together just around the corner.

Tommy has a GateFeeder arriving shortly and he’ll be sharing it with Stewart. When the remaining RFID tags arrive to allow the girls access, no more whining and biting and screaming, Mommy is going to lose some weight.

El Pumador has 6 lbs to lose. I’ve read around the internet that for a cat to lose weight safely our aim will be 1/2 lb per month. Patience, patience, patience… Tom’s weight loss should take 1 year. Mine will be aimed at 1 1/2 lbs per week.  I intend to make time to get the cats to play with toys more often and get myself to the treadmill.  It’s going to be interesting.

Stewart, aka Wheezy McGee (for the purposes of my writing today) does need to lose 3 lbs. His asthma may improve with weight loss and it certainly hasn’t made an impact on his activity. He’s a hellion. He should reach his goal hopefully within 6 months of participation. By then maybe I will have lowered my cholesterol 15 pts. This could be fun!

I need to look at this differently that I have in the past. My health may not matter enough to me but it matters to my boy that I am here. His health may not matter to him, but he means the world to me. We need to do this for our family; for each other.