Chai’s weight is now 976 grams. She’s been fluctuating most of the year now with no consistent drop. It’s getting more difficult for me to monitor her weight by feel alone because of her changing shape. She’s bulbous around the middle and then small butt and shoulders. She’s not a solid little piggie as she’s coming along on age 6 years.

I’m really good and lifting a guinea pig of mine out of the cage and finding that they are a little light. Chai has always been a 1000 gram piggy. When she drops 20 grams I know about it. Then I pull out the scale and start monitoring her. She just feels so weird now.

Another issue I’ve had with Chai this past year is her cutting her feet. I assume it’s because Mu-Xi is a screwy little chewer that kept scalloping the edging of the corrugated plastic that shapes their litter box. Mu doesn’t chew at the entire tray that contains the pig pen; She’s just interested in the little box.

Fixes: Snak Shak : This is a redirection for their chewing habits. The Snak Shaks come in guinea pig sized logs, the hamster sized one features or even a large, tiki-style, guinea pig hideaway. Due to the smaller pig pen after Callie’s departure, the girls are using the hamster sized log. If I can remember correctly they even make a sofa style, but I haven’t seen it in a while.

I went with “C-line Slide ‘N Grip Binding Bars” and purchased a box (qty 100) on eBay. Oof. I now have 97 binding spines. I put this over the front and side exposed edges to the litter box. This STOPS chewing. It’s easier to apply them when you don’t have the item shaped and then reapply your tape because these are easiest to apply by SLIDING THEM ON.

No scallops. No cut piggy feet. No more chewing on it. Chew on your Snak Shak.

Sorry, it’s a bit blurry