Free care booklet provided by my exotics veterinarian.

Saturday, in Mesa AZ, I attended a presentation on bearded dragons facilitated by Dr. Kevin Wright and hosted by Arizona Reptile Center. It was two hours long and pretty cool. I still don’t know that I would like to have one and am leaning more towards blue-tongued skinks since Dr. Wright introduced me to them two expos back at the Phoenix Pet Expo.

Dragons eat both live creatures and vegetation. The females are recommended to be spayed just like my guinea pigs *tehe*. It’s much easier to sex them than birds, but you have to know what you’re looking for.

It was nice to see him again. I haven’t had a sick pet in awhile and he has his own practice now so I grabbed his business card/magnets and went off afterwards to deliver them to places he’s unable due to legalities. Don’t you love contracts?

I have no contracts, restrictions and sometimes even clean socks, but I will always offer my support where it’s necessary. I was discussing the level of care I receive from Dr. Wright with Dismal yesterday and that, had I not received it, I wouldn’t know the awesomeness I was missing. You get not only a level of care for your pets through Dr. Wright but a great degree of education involved in the visit if you are interested to receive it.

I look forward to putting my funds together and have him do a house call for my three green cheek conures in their own environment for their wellness checks.