I only have a few options for chains: Petco, Petsmart

each store within the chain is not the same. I often pop in to see what’s on clearance. Just because one store marks it down does not mean that four miles away the other store is going to have it marked down as well.

I see this often with Petco and Petsmart.

Last year at Petsmart I went a little nuts on guinea pig food

This year I have found some cool buys on ZooMed supplies through Petco. One store they had the ultraviolet bulbs for the birds marked to $17.99. I already had one at home.
The one I went to last night had the Large Mopani Bird Tree at $4.00, but the bulbs were still $39.99 in their store.
Today I go to another Petco and the bulbs are still full price as well as the bird tree at $49.99