The animals seem to be taking better to the move than I am. The guinea pigs are still at the old apartment.

First to move were the parrots. They have a double A&E flight cage up and a “rubber ducky” shower curtain/liner up on the wall behind them so food doesn’t get glued to the wall. They are also next to some blinds to we have a heavy gauge clear peva shower liner over the half nearest their cage. Idris kept picking at them and this fix still lets light through and is nearly invisible.

Next was the dog. She’s easy.
Later were the cats. We haven’t seen much of Yue. Tommy jumped in top of the birdcage the first night and woke them up at one in the morning. Amalie is very well adjusted as a house cat after spending a year outdoors. She thought it was very exciting. Angel soiled herself on the way over again. Dismal bathed her butt and she’s wanted nothing but loves for two days.

Now I wait to bring my guinea pigs. I have to rebuild their pen at the new place first. It will be so nice to have them home.