We sign the lease on a new apartment next weekend. We don’t vacate our current unit until July 12th. Today I did laundry for spare items of the pets to reduce the amount of animal hair that will go to the new place and pack it away.

During a trip to Home Depot we were looking at finishing to use for the new parrot cage when it ends up being set up. Intent on putting a vinyl or linoleum under the cage, we looked at plastic shelf lining to put up behind it to protect the wall.

Very large cage 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to contact the sign shops around town to ask about their pricing and color availability on the 8’x4′ sheets of coroplast to rebuild a new guinea pig pen when I get settled in.

While we still have too many cats as legally allowed under a lease, they are still moving with me. I will say that I have two lovely girls: a turkish angora mix and a tiny tortie that I hope eventually get a lovely home and give us a break. Contact me if you’re interested.

Would you move the pets first or move the pets last? Any other time in the past when I’ve moved we had less than 48 hours with the old place. Everything went back to back to the new residence until it was done. There was no question.

(ps if I sound a little different, my allergies were stirred and I have a bit of diphenhydramine in my system)