The cats are blowing their coats everywhere! I don’t have an issue with my long and medium haired girls as much as I do with the shorties right now.

My dsh tortie give me fists of hair with the FURminator tool. She loves it. When I’m grooming other cats, she’ll sit close by, wondering what she’s done wrong and why it’s not her! It’s just not enough. I’ve tried my Love Glove and it does well on her, but the FURminator works best, and still it’s just not enough.

My Russian mix is shedding and has a decent amount of dead skin coming up with it. The valley in Arizona is so dry for him.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do. It’ll never be enough until you suck it up and drown your kitties.

We’re not really drowning them. I just haven’t been able to convince the girls otherwise, through their wails of concern. Tommy does really well. He doesn’t necessarily like it but he’s tolerant of routine.

I don’t know anything else that would help as much right now as bathing my four cats. Shampoo and conditioner and kneeding it all through to help loosen fur. I also hope to prevent hairballs by assisting them with their coat.

You may be hard pressed to find cat shampoo and conditioner at the store that caters to your cats’ individual needs. Marketing and typical cat owners don’t feel a need to make a move in this market. You’re going to have to shop in the dog section. Please read labels carefully. Essential oils can harm or even kill felines. By no means are all k9 formulas suitable, but you can find what you’re looking for. It should tell you on the label if the company has tested it safe for both dogs AND cats. Currently we have Avoderm moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, found in the doggy aisle.