I’m having a hard time with missing my rattie but I’m not outwardly falling apart. I’m quiet. I don’t know what to do with so many things. I’m wondering if this constant thing on my mind would be productive to therapy…

I want to hoard.

My rat was spoiled and loved. He often got steak bones, chicken wings, pasta, yogurt, dog snacks, tortilla, anything.

There really doesn’t seem to be a day that went by that I didn’t either give him a piece of something fun or save him off a piece of something for later. If he was really feeling down, I would cut him off a small piece of hotdog. Those things are really high in sodium so I don’t condone it.

I’m not sure if collecting my normal scrap givings into a paper bag in the freezer for the month and then burying it somewhere might give me more closure. I gave many of his leftover things away to the neighborhood teenage girl that has her rats, hoping I’d feel better. It only helped a little.