Yesterday we snipped the knots off Little Bastard’s sutures. One was embedded into his skin. I pulled the tail after the knot with the sterilized tweezers and he did not like this at all. He wouldn’t hold still long for me to snip it. It took a few tries. He had a little bit of blood and fluid after that but he seems to be doing well and was so happy getting a Club cracker afterwards that when my bird had a death wish and flew to his cage, he ignored her and kept snacking.

Koi lives.

Lila has been sick to her stomach for a few days though. She’s been crated. Bloody, runny diarrhea. Then nothing. Then yesterday she made normal poops on the walk so I uncrated her for the day. This morning in her crate she has thick, mucous outputs. Back in the crate. I’ve been giving her bland diet for 2 days with rice, veggies and broth. Yesterday I introduced chicken into it and today I put a little bit of kibble in it so it’s not a hard transition over for when she’s finally well. Months back she was sick for 2 days with regurgitation issues after she had swallowed a piece of bone she was able to bite off. Surprised me. Scared me.

I can’t wait to pay off Little Bastard’s credit card bill before I need it for someone else in this house.