Mash is a long, tedious process that sometimes yields frustrating results.

I suggest looking around and see what Beth does, as that was my start.

It’s for the birds.

Birds usually rely on a pelleted base supplemented by fresh and cooked foods, or any mix and match of this you choose.

I have my girls on Harrison’s pellets in High Potency formula. I put Sunshine Factor red palm oil into that. Then sometimes there are Nutriberries as snacks or a pinch of cockatiel seed mix. Ultimate side item would be the mash.

It used to just use rice, quinoa, chicken and broth, tri color pasta and then some cheap frozen veggies cooked in. The rice was cooked in broth and with cayenne. The quinoa was cooked with pasta in cinnamon. Chopped chicken thigh, topped with crushed red pepper, dried parsley and hulled hemp seeds.

Sort of boring.

This batch was HUGE and much better than where I started. I’m cutting out the meat now and prepared this with long grain brown rice and cayenne pepper, quinoa with cinnamon, minced frozen cascadian farms veggies consisting of carrot, broccoli cauliflower and zucchini, blanched beets chopped up, roasted sweet potato, Bean Cuisine* and then chopped cilantro.

Bean Cuisine was acquired months ago online from but I hated it. The directions are crap. I end up soaking it for 3 hours will rinsing every hour. It also takes about an hour or so to cook on a 3-1 ratio of water to product. Add water as needed during cooking.