They let you make payments.

The Captain has been sick.
His balance was off; way off in fact. His head was slightly tilted. I’ve been through this before with my old rat , George, having a serious head tilt and it being a pituitary tumor after we already treated her for an ear infection.

Minimum $85 to start treatment. Give me another symptom.
So he did. It came as a tiny snot drip. Appointment was scheduled. Cappy was doing little puppy whimpers from time to time while waiting for our appointment, sitting in the lobby.

He can’t breathe. I’m sitting and petting this pillowcase with a ratty inside, who keeps either falling back to sleep or rolling on his side and occasionally gasping with the puppy sound. That was actually a good sound. Deep respiratory infections honk and crackle and he was staying calm.

Upper respiratory infection
Possible inner ear infection/outer ear is clear.

3 weeks enro and doxy antibiotics twice daily
1 week metacam
Weighing every few days

Total cost:

Lifestyle :
Ten gallon fish tank so he can’t climb anything and hurt himself

Greek yogurt