Emerson went back to the doc yesterday for growths in his tummy. Dr. Wright also found spikes on his molars, trapping his tongue.

Thousand Dollar Guinea Pig is almost Fourteen Hundred Dollar Guinea Pig.

He went under anesthesia for the third time. All his molars were trimmed and his incisors just a bit as well. He has approximately a 1.5 inch incision site on his tummy. There were multiple small growths removed of which the doctor can’t identify without further tests. They may be related to his previous mammary tumors and have a high likelihood of recurring and even in different locations.
I declined the histopathology to determine malignancy.

Emerson has always been my special little guy. I adopted him from Petco as an owner surrender and kept his name. I thought he could be friends with Crunchy while I was waiting to get money together for Crunch’s neuter, knowing that I would now have 2 boys to pay for but that they had many ladies waiting.

Within 6 weeks Crunchy slit Emerson’s throat.

5 staples. For a time Emerson was nicknamed Staples and Crunch, Killer.

Their neuters were abdominal.
Two years later Emerson had a double Mastectomy for tumors.
This week mysterious growths removed and teeth done.

I can only imagine what it feels like for him to be held after having been cut 3 TIMES and what nerve damage he may have. It took at least five years to have my own nerve damage dulled from my leg repair.
Emerson is 4.
He still lets you noogie him while in the pig pen.